The Finger Stories (Part One)

Blog 882 – 01.22.2018

The Finger Stories (Part One)

Before I tell you my favorite “Finger Story” I must tell you another similar one that shows the varying interpretations of sign language from a somewhat different perspective. Most everyone knows or at least they think they know what the raising of the middle finger while keeping the other three fingers and thumb curled means. To be plain the usual English translation is, “Fuck you!” to which I usually add “and not in a good way” to clarify. I like many happen to believe that sexual coupling is one of the most desirable and enjoyable endeavors on the planet. And perhaps because I am a guy I do not have nearly as many prerequisites and qualifiers as do some people before they deem that activity to be pleasant, appropriate, moral, blessed by God and the church, culturally correct, or a host of other things people prefer to think about than glorious sex. Which, to me, sounds an awful lot more like the FDA (Federal Department Of Agriculture) rules and regulations that must be met before their put their stamp of approval on meat. At any rate you know the “high sign.”

I was riding in the front seat of a car being driven by my elderly friend and pastor at the time to a ministerial meeting in Florida. He was in his late sixties, as was his wife sitting between us, and I was in my late twenties. We got along as the saying goes “famously” the age difference being a plus, not a negative, as often seems to be the case for grandparents and grandchildren too. My pastor, as many preachers, was not the most attentive driver – being myself a big talker I too suffer from the same short coming. It was mostly interstate highway from Chattanooga to Florida and on several occasions he wandered into the slower traffic lane from the higher speed one that he preferred. As the lane was seldom occupied this presented no problems most times. But once unknown to him he would have hit a car had the driver not hit his brakes and swerved almost off the road.

Not at all happy with that situation that driver righted his car and proceeded to speed past us on the right flashing us probably about the best example of the international sign for distressed driver that I have ever seen before or since. My pastor did not know what he had done and did not observe the hand signal. His wife did however interpreting it as a friendly wave. She sweetly remarked, “Oh, David, do you know that man, he waved?” I replied, “No, Ma’am, I do not know him and I do not think he was waving.” Nothing else was said. I just smiled and thought to myself, “No harm, no foul.” I am sure it made the unhappy driver feel a little better to vent his frustration and there was no call making my fellow travelers feel worse.

It was and still is a sign of the times. But as they used to say, “Tune in tomorrow for Finger Stories (Part Two.)

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

3 thoughts on “The Finger Stories (Part One)

    1. Sir Paul (Not McCarney)
      Yes, I try to remember in those times what I read once, “Every act is either an I Love You or a cry for love” so my favorite reply when I do reply to the “high or ‘hi’ sign” is “And fuck you too, very much.” As you will understand even better when you read “Finger Stories (Part Two)” tomorrow. Thank you so much for reading,
      Your friend, fellow writer, and traveler,
      David White

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