Twenty, Twenty, Twenty Vision

Blog 881 – 01.21.2018

Twenty Twenty Twenty Vision

I recently got an eye test and a new pair of glasses. It had been several years since I had done that and I really had not noticed that one of my eyes was not seeing as well as I thought and needed more correction so that I could see clearly. It is often the case that we do not see as clearly as we think and that our eyes and minds need some correction. Only one is really qualified to do that and I am not talking about the eye doctor, the politician, the psychologist, the priest, the preacher, or even Jesus but you, Pretty Eyes.

Seeing things not as we thought they were, or as they might appear, but the highest and best they can be and are is our first and foremost responsibility to ourselves. Having twenty, twenty, twenty vision requires not just glasses but exercising our third eye. Oh, didn’t know you had one? Well you do, and not just mothers in the backs of their heads as all children know to be true. We all have the gift of “in sight” the ability to see inside ourselves what is the “true, true.” Often we have not been taught properly to understand and use this wondrous gift but it is there. Rather the god of this world, ego, would have us always doubt our inner eye, our inner voice and see his delusions and listen to his lies. Though not myself a “believer” the way many people use that word to mean buying in to a particular religious angle, I still love the line, “believing is seeing.” That is so true – we see what we believe whether that is real or not. Magicians, slight of hand experts, tricksters, politicians, doctors, lawyers, sales people, and hucksters all know this and use it to their advantage over many. But not us if we keep our eyes open especially the third one. It is particularly sharp at seeing through people and is practiced at detecting our own hypocrisies and charades.

I heard an interesting tale yesterday of a young man who from the age of fourteen was “brainwashed” by a private athletic coach hired by his parents to help him develop as an athlete. Later in a court of law a jury decided that what the coach did was really set up a one on one cult. Finally, after years of trying to overcome his three years of religious endoctrination he thought he had and tried again to live a regular life. Even after becoming convinced through therapy of the error of those fearful teachings, he found himself calling his mom and asking her to come get him at his away college and to take him home. She thought he was going to make it even though he had said something strange in a letter about raising his bed. When she entered his single dorm room and found him sleeping under his bed where he had been hiding for months she had to excuse herself to go outside and weep for fear of disturbing him more. She knew then there was a very real chance she might lose her son and that he might lose his mind. What helped him overcome his fears finally was a law suit in which he sued the man who messed up his young mind. That is how he got his sight back, his inner eye sight back.

Good eye health is important in navigating the pitfalls of this life. But with proper diet, plenty of exercise, and plenty of rest, our eyes, all three of them, like our bodies, will serve us well on this journey. If you had to choose to lose an eye I hope the third one would be the last one you’d give up for that one is far more expert than the other two at really “keeping an eye out for you.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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    1. Paul,
      I appreciate so much your feedback. About three months ago I also started a Daily Mockingbird Song email posting, where I share some of my karaoke favorite cover songs. I would like to put you on that list. Please email me an okay at: if that would be okay with you. And if you like what you hear do share it with your friends. I do not think myself a great singer but as I think we all are if we but allow it to be so “getting better everyday in every way.” All the best to you, Brother.

      Your friend, fellow traveler, and Mockingbird, if you allow,
      David White

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