Watch Carefully The Thoughts And Words We Entertain

Blog 879 – 01.19.2018

Watch Carefully The Thoughts And Words We Entertain

We should choose our thoughts and our words with care and not just our public ones but most especially our private ones for “children will listen and believe exactly what we say” especially our inner child who is always listening. Words like “shit head” and “shit hole” should only be used if even then with lots of love. I happen to know a particular granny that uses “shit head” as a term of endearment with her grandchildren. And they all know grandma has to really care about you to call you one of her “shit heads.” Remind me to tell you my “finger” story someday. But enough of that for now.

And of what we take in, what we give our assent or approval to, we should ever be mindful. For what we allow our mind to be filled with and stay full of will determine our reality. We are the only guards at the gates of our hearts and minds, and can only create from what we allow to dwell there.

And what we put out to others is also determined by what we choose to dwell on. I am sure all of us has at one time or another met or been that friend who is obsessed with telling some dark Ancient Mariner type tale of woe, gloom, despair, and misery, hoping someone will commiserate with us and congratulate us for being such a brave and forbearing soul. Utter nonsense -quit your griping and naming of diseases and troubles. Rise above those lesser things and fill your heart, mind, and life with thoughts and words of joy, health, and wealth. As you measure it out so shall it be measured to you again pressed down and overflowing. This I firmly believe.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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