I Do (Cherish You)

Blog 877 – 01.17.2018

I Do (Cherish You)

A couple of days ago I posted this song on my Daily Mockingbird email. I thought I would share it also with my larger blog audience with a few comments.


I have commented several times lately that most if not all beautiful love songs are really lullabies that we ought to be singing to our inner child. This one really fills that bill. I have said “I Do” four times in my life to four very beautiful and wonderful women but none of them ever loved me or even could, nor even my parents or any of the many people who have loved me in this life, as much as I can and should love myself. I know most of us have been taught that selfishness is wrong but not when it comes to truly loving yourself first and foremost. It is the true secret to happiness and fulfillment and like nothing else prepares us and enables us to really love and appreciate others as well.

I challenge you to sing this song to yourself, that sweet child that lives inside you, and to feel him/her coo and cuddle in adoration and appreciation of the only voice that ever could truly float his boat and furl her sails in the highest happiest sense.

“I Do (Cherish You), no one else deserves to hear those words from your lips more than your own inner child does. And it is high time that she/he did. Hear the sweet words in reply, “Sing it again, Mommy/Daddy, I love you so very much.” Nice touch.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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