A Blog About Blogs

​Blog 633 – 05.15.2017

A Blog About Blogs

I heard myself saying yesterday that there are so many wonderful things to consider in the universe how could anyone ever say, “I have nothing to write about.” We all have a story, many stories to tell. The problem is finding an audience even an individual to sit still to listen or read our story. Sadly for many of us we don’t really even begin to understand or appreciate our own story till we are older. Many famous people keep a diary, guys seem to prefer calling it a journal, sounds more manly. We really are so often a big bundle of insecurities, but you know that don’t you ladies? I always meant to keep a diary in fact I tried countless times to start one but I guess like most of us that I have been too busy living the adventure to take the time to write it down. And so I understand if you are so busy living yours that taking the time to read about someone else’e might be the furtherest from your mind. Usually only famous people and that only long after they became famous have anyone much interested in reading their thoughts. Children sometimes after their parents have passed have a yearning to know what their parents thought, to hear the details of a story maybe their parents were too busy to tell or they too occuppied with their own lives to hear.

I have wanted to be a well-read writer since I was a boy and I am so grateful for the opportunity I have in this blog to put down my thoughts and to share my story, my stories, with you. I have but one surviving child, my son. He is twenty seven and busy living his own story. The Cat’s In The Cradle song by Cat Stevens comes to mind, “When you coming home, Son/Dad? I don’t know when but we’ll get together then, Son/Dad. We’re gonna have a good time then… My boy is just like me. My boy is just like me.” Regrets are a foolish waste of time. Life is just about learning and we all do the best we can and fully living in the now is always the best way to do that.

Another blogger that I have found in my search to build a following, a readership, a platform says of her postings, “A few notes from the book I am never going to write.” I like that a lot. Some of the best books were never begun as a book but as just a few notes along the way. And as all would-be novelists know sitting before a blank paper or screen to write that Great Novel is a daunting fearful undertaking. Especially with that haunting question writers always wrestle with, “Will anybody read it or even like it in the unlikely event they do?”

I am getting more comfortable pushing these little “Love notes in bottles” out into the ocean. I still believe some if not all will be found, read, and appreciated. That is the hope of every diary keeper, every writer, every blogger. Why do we write? Because we have a story to tell and we hope someone will read it and be encouraged.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

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