Tell A Story And Do Not Fear The Dark

Blog 631 – 05.13.2017
Tell A Story  And Do Not Fear Not The Dark

I heard a wonderful line in the movie Genius about the novelist Thomas Wolfe. Earliest man stood huddled around the fire and told stories so they would not be afraid of the dark. We writers are still telling stories to entertain, to perhaps enlighten, but mostly to encourage our brothers and sisters to not be afraid of the dark. It is still the custom of many parents to read bedtime stories to their young children. And it is perhaps there that many of you were first introduced to C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, or Laura Ingles’ Little House books. My wife read a little book to our son that he and she particularly loved called, “Are You My Mother?” As I begin to think of ideas for a Mother’s Day blog tomorrow I recall that I saw an eagle on my drive through the countryside to my job this morning and I am filled with awe at the beauty and majesty of creation.

Fear is but the illusion that the darkness is full of “bad” men and monsters all waiting to gobble us us. But I have it on a Higher Authority even than former President Franklin Roosevelt that we have nothing to fear but fear itself. You see fear keeps us looking at the dark imagining the worst while the light of a good fire and a good story fills us with courage and hope for always a better and brighter day:

Once upon a time (Many bedtime stories begin like that and usually end with “And they all lived happily ever after.”) there was a young girl who dreamed of a bigger life than the small village she grew up in full of small minded people who thought she was an odd and funny girl because she read, dreamed of a wider world than their provincial minds considered, and refused to be dominated by a big if handsome man who saw her as just another trophy to be won. Nothing against farm life and small towns but it is hard to keep them down on the farm after they have seen, if only in their dreams, glimpses of Parree, the big city with all its teeming life and possibilities. The story is, of course, about a girl named Belle, and how she took her father’s place, he having been imprisoned by The Beast. And how in time she came to see there was inside The Beast a prince, her own Prince Charming only awaiting love’s kiss to awaken him from his cursed nightmare same as Snow White and Sleeping Beauty were. It is the same beautiful story told in countless ways of the power of love to transform, to awaken, to vanquish fear. A beloved Bible verse says, “Perfect love casts out fear.” Just as light illumines the darkness dispelling the myth of monsters so love like a wonderful story reminds us that we are guided, guarded, and protected. And that my friends like the beautiful love song is, “A kiss to build a dream on.” Next time you find yourself huddled or cuddled around a fire surrounded by the darkness remember to tell yourself the sweetest story and whether you think yourself the Beast or the Beauty remember they both are awakened by loves sweet kiss and that is a great story.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

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