A Customer Service Story

Blog 243 – 03.04.2016

One of the keys to maintaining a successful business is customer service. Customer Service is a difficult job because day in and day out all you hear are complaints. It takes a certain kind of temperament to deal with upset customers all the time. I knew a Customer Service Manager once many years ago that was very good at his job and more times than not handled the upset customer and their problem well enough to not only retain the customer but make them happy with the brand and customer service.

As a birthday present one year the field managers who reported to him and his upper management gave him a special gift. A very attractive lady came into the office with a complaint. She was wearing a conservative business suit outfit and her hair and jewelry spoke wealth and position befitting the particular brand our company represented. After asking if he was the Customer Service Manager she began to really unload  on him. She was not a happy camper nor a very satisfied customer. After what seemed like a very long time I am sure to him she said, “I just want to know who do I have to screw to get satisfaction around here.” Then a boom box started playing a seductive dance number outside the office and she began to dance removing articles of clothing down to a very tiny bikini. I never saw such a lovely smile as the one a very relieved and pleased Birthday Boy had on his face. Another satisfied customer. Of course, the whole office staff watched the entire interview with rapt attention. Then yelled Surprise and sang Happy Birthday. A fully clothed lady entertainer even had a piece of cake before taking her act elsewhere.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

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