Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing

Blog 243 – 03.03.2013

The most common expression is “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” to describe someone pretending to be harmless but who is actually a predator or someone who takes advantage of weaker people. I do not deny that this is often the case. I do like to look at things from a somewhat skewed perspective. To me the conventional wisdom usually is not wise or very conventional. So to me the real predators are not the lower level thugs or even the sexual predators but the powerful advertising interests who sell not only our children but all of us for a few dollars profit. These I call “the sheep in wolves’ clothing.”

They too are are sheep like most of us following the great propaganda lesson of one of the best salesmen of modern history who said, “The bigger lie you tell the more people will believe it.” Tell them that smoking makes you cool or look sexy and stand by the cash register and ring up the sales as young people get hooked for a life time on a habit that will cost them a small fortune and their health, their beauty and perhaps even shorten their lives. Alcohol same story different verse. Countless lives are wrecked and these are two of our “legal society sanctioned drugs.” It hurts me that for generations we have been taught to believe smoking and drinking are fun and worth the cost. I say horse feather. How about we start teaching our kids to know when they are being lied to for the lining of someone else’s pocket.

At the same time over fifty thousand young American lives were lost in Southeast Asia and a lot more of the people who called that area home more millionaires were created in this country than had ever been before. Coincidence? I don’t think so and the long recent war in Iraq was even more costly though fewer Americans died, so many survived to live the rest of their lives missing limbs and too many with brain injuries and psychological problems and all so some already rich people and corporations could become richer draining surpluses and the Social Security Trust Fun even further. The rich people have never cared for Labor Unions nor FDR’s safety net for the older people or the medically disabled. The same people hate the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). I think it didn’t go far enough. It should have been like Medicare for everyone including our US Senators and Congressman who have the best medical care at no cost to themselves but at great cost to the tax payers. But your representative really deserves to spend thirty years in office. Horse feathers. Or Sheep in Wolves clothing. Maybe our children should teach us to quit believing lies and electing and re-electing liars. But that’s just my opinion and I could be wrong.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

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