Think and Think and Think Again

Blog 2753 – 05. 13.2023

Think and Think and Think Again

Two sayings, “Birds of a feather stick together” and “There are lots of other fish in the sea” come to mind as I begin this piece. I heard someone say one time that being truly adult in the best and highest sense of that word means having the ability to hold two opposing thoughts in mind at the same time or as I have come to see it having the ability to consider two sides or more regarding every issue simultaneously.

I would like to point out that the expression, “There are two sides to every coin” is a very two-dimensional description of a three-dimensional object. Coins have three sides, not just heads and tails but the outer edge also which being a circular surface has a continuous or infinite aspect to it. There is so much more to keep in mind than black or white, positive and negative, right or wrong. Thinking outside the box refers to breaking the rules or if that is one bridge too far for our rules-based minds perhaps considering that there might be better and higher rules that supersede those we have been taught.

Consider a few of the rules we once lived by but do no longer, at least the more civilized or progressive of us:

Riches and might make it right to own another person.

God ordains some people to rule over others.

Only some people should be allowed a vote or have a say in government.

Diversity is a distasteful idea to some because they maintain a firm belief in the myth of separation. Beliefs are only thoughts that we think impossible to change but we can change our minds. We can think and think and think again and let go of thoughts that are no longer serving us. We can also learn to see all sides of the coin and appreciate than any true understanding of any person, place, or thing only comes from considering all the angles. Everything that flies in the air, swims in the sea, or walks upon the earth has a share in its destiny, every rock and tree and creature, Pocahontas.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Feather Fin

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