Imagination- Greatest Gift or Greatest Obstacle To Realizing Our Dreams

Blog 2667 – 02.16.2023

Imagination-Greatest Gift or Greatest Obstacle To Realizing Our Dreams

Pure imagination is I believe one if not our greatest gift and the inspiration of our brightest and best dreams. Yet like much in life imagination can have a dark side and our dark imagining can be the biggest impediment to our highest and best dreams coming true.

I believe that in a very real sense the little children’s song is true, that life is but a dream. Whether that dream is a sweet and joyous one or a dark and fearful one depends upon the thoughts that we dwell upon and act upon.

Today in my daily Notes From The Universe I received the following:

Mike Dooley the channel who writes down these these notes and passes them on has quite an imagination. I was privileged to get to hear him speak at a weekend writers conference in Chicago almost eight years ago. I sat on the first row in a group of several hundred hungry to be published writers as Mike shared the story of his success and dreams come true. He believes that thoughts become things and encourage s everyone to choose the good ones.

The greatest obstacle to realizing our best dreams is the self-same and only true enemy of our souls – Ego with his wet blanket dark imaginings. When all the stars align and our heart and mind says “Yes, Yes” this little imp who would ever veto our happiness if allowed says “No.” one of my favorite comic strip quotes that I have included in a number of blogs is from the long running Pogo strip: “We have discovered the enemy and it is us.” Problems and obstacles are meant to be stepping stones.

In the creation story in the Bible God created everything and said it was good. Where did that ole snake in the grass lying serpent come from?

He/she appears in many forms throughout the Bible but always has one aim, discouraging us, trying to have us believe the worse about our brothers and ourselves, forcing us to forfeit paradise, to give up on our highest and best dreams and be victims of our own dark imaginings. In the story the serpent was cursed and though Satan/Ego still bites at our feet it is up to us to crush that rascal beneath our feet making even him/her a stepping stones upward and onward.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Pure Imagination

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