Thoughts Become Things or The Power of Visualization

Blog 2648 – 01.28.2023

Thoughts Become Things or The Power of Visualization

A friend of mine author and motivational speaker Mike Dooley wrote recently of the importance of keeping a vision board to remind us of the things we would like to manifest in our lives. I remember as a boy looking through the Sears and Roebucks Christmas Catalog and visualizing myself enjoying all the wonderful toys pictured there. I’d like to share a visualization story that took place for me a little over ten years ago.

On the way back to Texas from an away work assignment in Birmingham, Alabama, I detoured a bit out of my way to visit my brother in Jamestown, Tennessee where he and his partner owned a lovely home in the woods that they frequented on weekends. I had visited them there a couple of times and my brother had told me that he had recently purchased a cabin near their place and that I was welcomed to stay in it free of charge anytime I was working nearby.

I spent the night in my brother’s cabin on that brief detour on my way home. It was a lovely cabin, that reminded me more of a ski lodge or Swiss Chalet than a cabin. While I was there I took a few picture showing my Jeep, cowboy hat, boots, and laptop, to help me visualize myself living there as I sent a sincere request out to the Universe for a work assignment nearby.

About a year and a half later that work assignment came to me and for two months I got to live rent free in that beautiful place, thanks to my brother, but also to my loving and infinite source.

When I recently received Mike’s message about vision boards I remembered the pictures that I had taken and thought I would try it again with another toy that I have wanted for sometime. While I worked away from home for the last almost ten years of my career I live mostly in a small used RV camper that I bought in Green River, Wyoming before starting a six month work assignment in Baggs, Wyoming. I pulled that camper to Loveland, Colorado and Crawfordsville, Indiana before trading my Jeep in on a new pick-up truck to pull my little house on wheels more easily. With the pick-up I took it on assignment to Alabama, Wisconsin, Minnesota, home to Texas, to Wyoming, Indiana again, back to Texas, and lastly to Nebraska. I damaged it beyond repair on my way back to Texas from my final work assignment and dropped it off at a used camper lot outside Houston where the owner of the lot said he could not resale it, but that he had a friend who might be able to make use of it as a hunting shack on his deer lease.

I had hope to get a few more years out of it traveling this country with my wife in our retirement. Our travel plans are on hold for the present, but to show the Universe that I still know the power of visualization and that thoughts really do become things, I snapped a screen shot of a picture I found online that I plan to spend a few moments each daily visualizing myself in.

As a boy I heard my World War Two Navy veteran dad say more than once, “When my ship comes it.” It was and old expression people used to say about realizing their dreams. My dad’s ship turned out to be an aluminum John Boat, motor and trailer that he pulled to a nearby river and lake where he fished the first few years of his retirement till he said his legs got to old for hunting and fishing. My dad realized all his dreams and died a contented man.

I’ll let you know when my ship comes in.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

A Million Dreams

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