The Significance Of Animal Visitation

Blog 2631 – 01.11.2023

The Significance Of Animal Visitation

Last night just before dark our sister and mother were backing out of our driveway and as is our custom my wife and I were waving bye to them from the porch. I noticed a couple waking down the sidewalk in front of our house had stopped and were looking up. At first I thought they were looking up into the bare limbs of our apple tree but they were looking at the top of our flag poll. Then I distinctly heard them say, “Is that a baby owl? Take a picture.” I had my phone in my back pocket so I snapped a shot of our little visitor before he or she took flight.

The first immigrants who came to Texas probably via a land bridge across the Bering Strait in Alaska arrived thousands of years before the European waves of immigrants began five hundred years ago. The first people believed and still do that we can learn a great deal about ourselves from the natural world around us especially from our animal spirit guides.

On my next to last work assignment a couple of years ago in Indiana, as the pipeline construction crew that I was following was beginning their last job before the winter layoffs we had a large owl visit us on the work site. With my handy IPhone I got this picture of our visitor.

In doing a little online research regarding spirit animal guides I found an article regarding spirit animals replacing the zodiac signs. Since my birthday, November 22nd, falls on the last day of Scorpio on some charts and the first day of Sagittarius on others I attach the suggested spirit animal substitutions for both:

I confess that I do not know for sure what my spirit animal guide is or yours. I have leaned toward the wolf or the eagle but have at times behave more like a turtle and at others a hare. We have much to learn from all the animals.

The two above cited visits from owls have me wondering if maybe the owl is my spirit animal guide. Owls like people have admirable traits and some to be wary of as well:

As the ole song says we have to “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and don’t mess with Mister In-Between” ever aiming to reveal the very best of our animal and divine natures.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

I’m Not Who I Was

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