The Pessimist, The Optimist, And The Idealist

Blog 2629 – 01.09.2023

The Pessimist, The Optimist, And The Idealist

We have each of us worn the above three titles like hats at one time or another in our lives, hopefully the later two more than the first. Patterns of passed thinking like habits and addictions are often hard to break.

Carl Sandburg wrote a lot about Abraham Lincoln arguably one of our better Presidents who held office during a very difficult and critical time in our country’s history. Lincoln was a plodder. I am reminded of the story of the beloved old blind mule. The farm family loved it like a pet and could not bear to kill it so they lead it to fall into an old dry well and just began shoveling dirt in on top of it. The poor creature could no longer see where it was going but just kept walking down in the well, packing down the dirt under its feet till it eventually just walked out of that well to live till a natural death some time later.

At times we may not know what to do or where we are going but like the Carl Sandburg quote above says we can still be on our way. Like the old blind mule another famous American poet has some important traveling advice for us:

All roads may not lead to Paris or Rome but they all do eventually lead home.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

The Long And Winding Road

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