Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

Blog 2624 – 01.04.2023

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

We reach for the stars standing on the shoulders of giants. Piggy-backing on previous successes and discoveries is how we move forward, upward, and see further. Sir Isaac Newton in his eighty-four year adventure in time and space discovered that fact and others after him have stood on his shoulders to see even further.

The good parents’ dearest wish is that their children is will go further and accomplish more in life than they have. Both my daughter and son born ten years apart rode on my shoulders when they were little and thrilled at being taller than dad enjoying the view from their lofty perch. It was their reserve seat for parades and other crowded situations. It is with fondness that I can still recall when my dad lifted me upon his shoulders. It was as if I could see forever.

I grew up in the shade of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Even after living the vast majority of my thus far seventy-two year adventure in time and space in the flat land of southeast Texas I still prefer the view from the mountain tops, those giant shoulders, that remind me to pay tribute to all who have raised us up so we could stand on mountains.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

You Raised Me Up

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