The Perfect Christmas Gift

Blog 2603 – 12.14.2022

The Perfect Christmas Gift

One Christmas several Christmases past I had the idea of down sizing and getting rid of a lot of things that I had been holding onto in my life, lots of little treasures that I had collected that all had some sentimental value to me. Instead of just throwing them away or donating them to some resale shop I decided to make them a part of my own Secret Santa project.

I went through my pile of treasures and spend a few moments with each one trying to match the piece with a person. I arrived at work early on the last work day before Christmas so I could put these little gifts on the desks of my work mates.

I tried to keep the identity of Santa a secret but more than a few guessed and those who did all seemed amazed that Santa had picked out a perfect gift for them that Christmas.

We have all gotten gifts from family and friends who felt it some kind of duty to get us something and have all heard and asked the question, “What would you like for Christmas?” The perfect Christmas gift is a part of ourselves, something that means something to us, that after a little bit of thought we realize someone else might appreciate.

For some years now when someone shows appreciation for some little treasure that has come to me, I say, “Would you like to have it?” And if they say, “I sure would” I smile and hand it over and say, “I was just keeping it warm for you.”

Playing Santa has always been the perfect Christmas gift to me.

Your friend, fellow traveler, and sometime Santa,

David White

The Gift

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