Say It With Flowers

Blog 2597 – 12.08.2022

Say It With Flowers

One of the most wonderful things about living in the Deep South is that there is rarely a day without flowers blooming. I snapped the above picture of lovely azaleas yesterday morning in a church yard near our home in Houston, Texas. My wife Linda who has the better eye for beauty pointed them out to me and said, “Take a picture.”

I believe the Universe speaks to us through everything. Listen carefully and you will hear the message flowers are always meant to convey, “I love you.” And I know that we often use them to say, “I am sorry for my mess up.” or in the case of death, “We are so sorry for your loss.” But even these are ways of expressing love.

As a boy I used to pick wild flowers for my mom as I have for all the women I have loved. I still love to share them with the most beautiful flower in my life, my loving wife, Linda. One of our favorite flowers is the lantana with blossoms that look like tiny bouquets of flowers.

We are so loved.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

The Rose

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