Sometimes A Song Says It All

Blog 2540 – 10.11.2022

Sometimes A Song Says It All

To paraphrase Forest Gump, “I have sung lots of songs and if I think real hard I can remember the first song I ever sung.” My folks told me that when I was a small boy that I used to climb up on a chair and sing along with Kitty Wells on the radio that sat atop our refrigerator in the kitchen. The song was, How Far Is Heaven. Like my dad I thought Kitty’s voice was heavenly.

Heaven is where you find it and if we look we will always find in our hearts. Lovely actress Susan Woodward starred as famed torch singer Jane Froman in the 1952 film made from her autobiography, There’s A Song In My Heart.

The best songs are always love songs and tributes to the treasure of all treasures a true and loving heart. Being in love is being in heaven and finding everything that your heart desires there.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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