Pain Is A Part Of Our Journey

Blog 2506 – 09.05.2022

Pain Is A Part Of Our Journey

One of my favorite authors, C.S. Lewis, wrote a book called, The Problem With Pain, in which he attempted to explain why a loving God could allow so much pain. Many religious people believe that pain is always some kind of punishment from on high for some infraction. Jesus when asked, “Who sinned?” regarding the man born blind, tried to dissuade his listeners from jumping to that conclusion. Bad times come to us all. Pain is a part of our journey and how we deal with it proves us to be craven or brave, wise or foolish. Admittedly we have all reacted to pain in all of those ways.

Someone, not jokingly, once said that if you really wanted to make a car alarm that would get people’s attention that a baby’s cry would do it. Babies let you know loudly and right away when they experience pain or discomfort, as do many of us adults. It is high time we put away a few childish things and learned to bravely face what comes with a little less drama. A pain-free existence is also a learning-free one. Experience works patience and some of the best learned lessons are also the most painful ones.

Ours is a world where there is always someone ready to make their fortune off the weaknesses of others, pushing this or that product or service that they guarantee as the snake-oil salesmen of old did to be “good for what ails you.”

Today’s song has a line that says, “We have to know some bad times or our lives are incomplete.” Rather than reaching for a drink, a puff, or a pill when we experience a painful moment we are better served to try to recall one of those precious moments that last forever, those truly eternal moments, sheltered safe in the arms of love. Babies are pretty smart after all.

Your friend and fellow traveler.

David White

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