Inseparable From The Start

Blog 2503 – 09.02.2022

Inseparable From The Start

One of the hardest things for a mother to do is letting go the hand that for so many years was inseparable from hers. Daddy’s have a special affinity for their daughters as mother do to their sons. Today I share some pictures with you of my lovely and loving wife Linda and our handsome and intelligent son Jonathan. They were once all but inseparable.

Tomorrow Jonathan will be thirty-two years and a five months old. He has been married to Lauren for one year, three months, and ten days. For the last six months Linda has had a little trouble remembering what day it is. She asks me at least daily if not more often, “What day is it?” And then seems suspicious of my answer as if I am trying to trick her. Believe me, I am not.

In a way, I see Linda losing her grasp of time as a blessing for she no longer remembers how long it has been since Jay visited last. I am her memory in that regard and I do not remind her. We did not see his handsome face in August as his last brief visit was on his mother’s birthday, the thirtieth of July. He and Lauren stopped by to give her roses and a lovely birthday card with a gift card inside.

A few months ago Jonathan promised to visit at least every three weeks. Mother’s Day, and his mother’s birthday helped that happen. I am not blaming him. Linda and I both chose to live a day’s drive from our parents and saw them, but once a year most years, if that. That must have been so terrible for my mom and her dad, having once been top banana and being relegated to Cat’s In The Cradle “we’ll have a good time then” status.

One of Linda’s favorite songs has long been Time In A Bottle with it’s haunting lyric: “There’s never enough time to do the things you wanna do, once you find them.”

Whenever her wandering boy comes home it is Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and all the fun holidays rolled into one for my darling girl and me too. We hope to see you soon, Son, but do have a happy and full life with your own loving and lovely wife. I hope you two have a daughter and a son. Pay back is a blessing and the other b-word too sometimes.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Time In A Bottle

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