The One Thing I’d Do Different If I Could

Blog 2489 – 08.18.2022

The One Thing I’d Do Different If I Could

It is said that before we die that our entire life passes before us so we can leave this world without regrets knowing it was all for the best. After seven decades I have had more than a moment or two to review my life and there is little I would change, but one thing I would if I could. I would find you sooner so I could love you longer.

Our love story is not yet over, but I have this haunting feeling as we turn another page that this may indeed be the final chapter. Albert Einstein postulated that energy never dies and I believe love is the strongest energy in the Universe, the God Spark that started it all, holds it together, and keeps it going.

If we get another go at this circle of life and I hope we do, I want to spend all of my adventures in time and space with you. That being said, I intend next time to find you sooner, love you longer, deeper, and more attentively.

I dedicate today’s blog to the shining star of my life, my lovely leading lady, (three L(s), three times a lady) Linda Lee Stokes.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Three Times A Lady

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