True Heroes

Blog 2482 – 08.11.2022

True Heroes

My mom, when my brother and I were in grade school, used to say that she knew we would not always make the top grades in our school work, but that to her that there was just no excuse for not making good grades in behavior. She expected us to give our school work our best effort and to always be on our best behavior.

This daily blog is a writing assignment that I gave myself seven years and almost five months ago. Even the greatest baseball players do not hit one out of the park every time at bat nor even get on base every time they get up, but home run or not they come out swinging. So let me take another swing at it.

My goal has never really been to hit a home run or to take home a trophy but to leave the fans with an encouraging word or two to help make their day. Our heroes have a way of bringing out the best in us. It is the hero in each one of us that positively responds to acts of courage, heroism, and selflessness wherever and in whomever we see them.

In one of my favorite movies that as many times as I have watched it still has the power to entertain, brighten and lighten my heart with encouragement is Sandra Bullock’s While You Were Sleeping. It is the story of a lonely young woman looking for love. She fixes her affections on a handsome, well-dressed young man that she sees every morning boarding the train into the city. One morning, a Christmas morning, she sees him being mugged and fall down onto the train tracks. She runs from her ticket booth, jumps on the tracks and rolls his unconscious body off the tracks just before the express train comes roaring by. She tries to see him in the hospital, but is turned away by security because she is not a family member. A nurse overhears her saying to herself, “But I was going to marry him” and thinks she is coma-guy’s intended and gets her in to see him announcing to the cop and Peter’s whole family that Lucy is not only his fiancée, but also the woman who saved his life.

After Peter awakes from his coma in one bedside conversation with Lucy he admits that he does not think he has ever done one heroic act in his life. She says, “You give up your seat to someone every morning.” Peter says, “But that isn’t heroic” and she replies, “It is to the one who gets the seat.”

To paraphrase my wise and wonderful mom, “We may not all win medals for courage and heroism but we can all be somebody’s hero by simply being on our best behavior and by being a friend.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Thank You For Being A Friend

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