Saved The Best For Last

Blog 2471 -07.31.2022

Saved The Best For Last

One of the downside to living longer is that you have to say good-bye to so many family members and friends. I received word just yesterday that a very dear friend has entered hospice care.

Statistically I am told that women more than men try to make it to their birthday before letting go their grip on life. I guess birthdays are more important to ladies. I have always been rather fond of mine, looking forward to it, counting the days much as I did as a small child. My mother always made a big deal of birthdays and made a special effort to make her boys’ birthdays a real celebration and something to look forward to.

My darling wife has always gone way out of her way to make my birthday a very special day and I have tried to do the same with hers. I believe she had a good one yesterday. I do not know how many more birthdays either of us has left, no one does. It therefore behooves us all to make the very best of the time we do have.

One of my favorite authors, Louise Hay, who herself passed several years ago, used to write that she believed our biggest problems all stem from not loving ourselves enough. Guilt religions have done great harm in that regard, in my opinion. I no longer believe that our loving and infinite source ever intended any of us to feel unloved.

The father in the Prodigal Son story is one of the best pictures of our higher power, our higher and best self. He loved his youngest son enough to let him have his own experiences even though it must have broken his heart to let him go knowing he would have to learn some hard lessons. But he was there all the time waiting with open arms for his child to return home.

Yes, good-byes are tough, but good-byes are not the end of the story.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Saved The Best For Last

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