“A Penny For Your Thoughts“

Blog 2453 – 07.13.2022

“A Penny For You Thoughts”

Today’s title is a quote that seems a bit dated. There have been several attempts to do away with the penny as a U.S. coin and since 1982 it has been an aluminum coin only lightly clad in copper. The penny is held in such little regard these days that you can find them littering the streets and parking lots like so much discarded trash, hardly worth bending over to pick them up. But I still do. Before I put my pocket change in a container, to later roll and turn into hundred dollar bills which I save till I have enough to purchase a gold coin, I look at each coin to see if it is worth keeping.

Last week a couple of days a part I received two in my change worth keeping, both wheat straws. The first was a striking 1953 D penny that still has much of its bright shiny new penny look after all these years. Here it is pictured front and back. The second was an older 1941 penny worth anywhere from $0.02 to $1.76 depending upon its condition. That is about a dollar more than the 1953 D.

But, the real issue is how much value do we place upon the thoughts of others or even our own? A penny indeed, even a valuable vintage penny, is a trifle when we consider that the briefest thought has the power to transform an entire life and all the world around it.

Some years ago a man wrote a popular book called Think And Grow Rich. Well, I suppose that is fine for folks with small ambitions and little goals, but anyone can become anything they want. Say it with me, “I think, I can.”

That is your more than a penny’s worth thought for today.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


A Million Dreams

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