Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

Blog 2443 – 07.03.2022

Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

The above words came from one of the most beloved American Presidents, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and were spoken to allay the fears of the people during the Great Depression. Those were hard, troubled, and difficult times for a great many people not just in the U.S. but around the world.

Fear is the greatest weapon in ole Satan, Ego’s, arsenal, for fear not hate is the opposite of love. The picture below today is of a Bible verse. I no longer believe that the Bible is the only true and inspired Word of God. It is to me as all books, merely words that men have written some inspired by our better angels and others not so. One of the New Testament stories called The Temptation of Christ has Satan quoting Scripture to Jesus tempting him. But do not marvel that Satan knows the Bible for he inspired much of it and has used it over the centuries to “accuse the brethren” and to stoke fear, which as wise Jedi Master Yoda says, “leads to hate and to the dark side.” The Bible has been used to justify slavery and every other crime against our brothers and sisters at one time or another.

Even in the beginning in the allegory of the supposed fall from the garden and God’s grace, the first couple who had it made and quite literally nothing to fear, were first convinced by a lying serpent to distrust and fear God. And hear them turn on one another when asked, “What have you done?”

Fear is the great enemy of health, happiness, and wholeness. Those who would pander to our fears are not our friends. Adolph Hitler was not the first nor the last to play on people fears and the common response to fear, the practice of trying to blame all our troubles and the evil in the world on someone else. As the old joke goes: “The real problem in paradise was not the snake in the grass, nor the apple on the tree, but the pair on the ground.” For as the comic-strip artist said so well some time ago through Pogo, “We have discovered the enemy and it is us.” We created Ego, a fearful and hateful god because we refused to acknowledge our higher best self, the god whose name has always been “I Am.”

Shortly before he was crucified by the religious people of his day because his “God loves You” message was bad for business, Jesus told his followers, “Fear not for I am with you always.” Sadly the business of religion and politics is still fear today, many other business reap great profit off our fears as well. Perfect love still casts out fear. Loving God is merely loving the highest best version of yourself and seeing that in everyone and everything else.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Don’t Worry Baby

P.S. Worry is synonymous with fear.

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