Finding The Gift In Every Situation

Blog 2438 – 06.28.2022

Finding the Gift In Every Situation

The overreach of those in powerful positions has often inspired people to vote change. Historically the party having secured the Presidency loses seats in the House, Senate or both, often losing control of one or both of those august bodies of government. The Supreme Court that Donald Trump built with his three picks may have just changed that with their reversal of Roe v. Wade and Justice Clarence Thomas’s suggestion that other land mark cases should be revisited regard birth control and same sex marriage, saying that they also be reversed.

Polls show that sixty percent of U.S. voters are not happy with Roe v. Wade being reversed and sixty-seven percent of women voters in particular. Will they vote those opinions in the fall. We shall see. One party has consistently opposed a Woman’s Right To Choose and Gay Rights, while supporting the NRA, the gun manufacturers lobby, and it’s plan to sell more higher capacity guns despite the evidence that guns do indeed kill people.

I hope the people will make this November’s mid-term election vote the largest ever and show the Court how wrong they are by giving the Democrats for the first time in a long time the power to pass laws that guarantee the rights of men and women to choose who they love and women in particular the right to choose when and if they want to bear children.

It is one thing to defend your own beliefs, but quite another to force those beliefs upon others.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

High Hopes

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