To Boldly Go

Blog 2428 – 06.18.2022

To Boldly Go

The three words above should not just apply to Starship captains and their intrepid crews, but to us all. I saw today’s quote from famous poet and author T.S. Eliot and figured it would make a good thought to build a blog around.

Though it may seem safer to watch the waves from the shore, new experiences and new worlds always await those bold enough to launch out into the unknown. “ Out there beyond the horizon there’s more, there’s more.”

I am glad and grateful that I have gotten to see so much this big blue ball. I told you yesterday about spending a long hot summer once on the other side of it in South Vietnam and of a seven week adventure to Scotland. All fifty U.S. states, eleven other countries, and five Canadian Provinces, are not bad for a poor boy from Tennessee.

Shortly after I retired last December my wife suffered some difficulties that make it hard for her to be in a car for more than a few minutes or miles. It is a “big deal” for her to drive in the neighborhood for even a few miles. Most of the shopping and errands I must do alone and as I don’t like leaving her on her own for long at a time, I keep those trips short as possible.

As glad and grateful as I am that I got to see as much as this big blue ball as I have I am more glad and more grateful that I get to share these times with the love of my life. The final frontier is not just outer space but inner space as well. Want a real adventure – go within.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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