Our Abundance

Blog 2388 – 05.09.2022

Our Abundance

It is to me one of the great ironies of life that rich people seldom enjoy their abundance and choose rather to live in fear of losing it. Some years ago some words came to me that I made into a mantra:

“I am so glad and grateful that everything that I could ever want or need is already mine and coming to me at just the right time and in just the right way from my loving and infinite source.”

I have added other phrases and lines to my ever growing daily mantra, but this is still its core – I am glad and grateful, fully enjoying the abundance that is mine. For most of my life I have lived in fear that there was never enough till it dawned on me that it is all mine, everything that I could ever want or need.

As a young boy watching a nineteen-fifties popular TV show, The Millionaire, where a philothropist, gave away cashiers’ checks for a million dollars, I dreamed of one day having such wealth that I could be a philanthropist. I have literally earned and spent several million dollars already in my going on seventy-two year adventure in space and time. I cannot write you a million dollar check, but I call your attention to your own higher, best self, that is a loving and infinite source of all you could ever want or need.

We have only to enjoy the abundance that is ours already to realize that the account that counts can never be overdrawn.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Never Enough

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