I Can Still Show You Who You Are

Blog 2338 – 03.19.2022

I Can Still Show You Who You Are

It is frustrating when we see someone we love suffering because they are holding onto beliefs that are no longer serving them. How hard we wish we could just somehow change their minds. But force and mind control is never loves way. Love does not take away, love gives, and love gently knocks, and knows that the door to the heart has no handle on the outside, but must be opened from within.

I cannot make anyone think as I think or believe as I believe. Sales people, politicians, preachers college professors, conmen, and magicians may think they know some tricks, but these gimmicks only work till we remember who and whose we are.

As I said, I cannot tell you how or what to think, but I can as the song says, “Still show you who you are.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


No Night So Long

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