Linda Lee, You’re My Kryptonite

Blog 2323 – 03.04.2022

Linda Lee, You’re My Kryptonite

Did you ever wonder why Superman’s great weakness is surviving particles of his home planet, exploded when it’s star went super nova? Rather than worry about the essentials – food, drink, water, shelter, clothing, family, and sex (I think that covers about everything) I choose to believe that my loving and infinite source will provide everything that I want or need at just the right time and in just the right way. So that leaves me lots time and otherwise unoccupied gray matter to ponder questions like the one above.

Jesus said something once that I think might help answer the Kryptonite question. He said to the crowd when his brothers and sisters, yes even his mother, thought his ministry an embarrassment, “Prophets are not accepted in their hometowns.” Familiarity is one reason that the hometown crowd is last if ever to accept the credentials of a prophet or any professional person. It is the same reason most companies do not promote from within to fill management positions but hirer from outside.

Those who know us best often overlook our higher best attributes and that is not all bad either for they help keep us real too and hold our feet to the fire, an odd expression, which means keeps us straight. Home and family are our Kryptonite, a greatest weakness and the way “the bad guys” find best of controlling us. Even the strongest most courageous person can be easily cowered by threatening his or her family’s well-being. One of the greatest fears of the rich and powerful is that someone will kidnap someone near and dear to them and hold them for ransom or to force them to do something that they otherwise would never do.

The great love of my life is named Linda Lee. She is my great weakness. Another Bible verse comes to mind, “When I am weak, then I am strong.” More than any other person in my life she has the power with a smile to brighten my darkest night or with a frown to send the dark clouds to hide the sun on the brightest day. I only relatively recently learned the expression “Happy wife, happy life.” I guess my mind was elsewhere. I do recall protesting that the only person that we can truly make happy is ourself. O contraire, mon ami, we too are someone else’s Kryptonite (home) and have the power to make them feel like Superman or Superwoman or the opposite.

The old song says, “You always hurt the one you love” but we need not if we remember what Spider-Man’s uncle wisely told him, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

To all my super hero friends out there, especially one Linda Lee.

David White

In This Life

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