Worry Is Like A Rock

Blog 2320 – 03.01.2022

Worry Is Like A Rock

Worry, a friend texted me yesterday, is like a rock, you can pick it up and be weighed down by it or you can throw it in the river and be rid of it. I have often wondered why river bottoms have so many rocks worn round and smooth by the current, sand, and silt. I guess there have been a lot of wise people before us who knew what best to do with worry. The essential element of worry is fear and fear (not hate) is the opposite of love. Some people carry a smooth stone in their pocket to rub on, they call it a worry stone. “Perfect love casts out fear” and Jesus’ clear word on the subject to us is, “Fear not.”

The Apostle Paul who was not a worrier, but a words as well as numbers guy, liked to write in themes of threes i.e. God as Father, Son and Holy Ghost. He also sized up the three biggies as Faith, Hope, and Love. He knew as well as any man the imperfection and fallibility of our human half and as well the incredible capacity for perfect love of our divine half. And so he concluded the great Love Chapter, First Corinthians 13. With these inspired words: “Now abide faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love. Even Jesus knew for all his miracles that only love could ever convince anyone of anything. For neither miracles nor in Collin Raye’s words, “Logic could never convince a heart.”

If I could convince you, others, and especially my lovely and loving wife who is currently battling disassociation and confusion, of anything it is but three words, “You are loved.” Faith and Hope are nice but the greatest necessity and nicety of all is Love.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Not That Different

Author’s Note:

In Collin Raye’s wonderful song above I changed, but one word “fear” to “feel.” To me it just sounds more correct.

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