Finding Purpose In Seeming Insignificant Things

Blog 2316 – 02.25.2022

Finding Purpose In Seeming Insignificant Things

Fridays are the inspiration of working people’s TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) thanksgiving prayer, but are not quite as looked forward by retire people like myself. I recently added to my daily mantra the following words: “Whatsoever my hands find to do this day, I shall do with my whole heart, finding purpose I even the most menial of tasks.”

Those words have helped me smile a lot more these last few months as my wife added things to my then ever-growing “Honey Do” list and I found real purpose and more joy in trying to please her. For two weeks now my wife has not added a single request to that list and the doctors, nurses, and therapists are busy trying to get her back to her previous self. I, on the other hand, have felt virtually powerless to help her in that process. I do call everyday till I get to talk to the nurse over her unit in the behavioral hospital she where is residing and being treated. A couple of times they have asked her if she wanted to speak to me and she has thus far declined. Is she mad at me for letting them, even encouraging them to, put her there, or does she still believe that though it looks and sounds like me, it is not really me?

I am encouraged that for several days now the good word is that she is eating, drinking, taking her meds and attending twice daily group therapy sessions. Without my long-time love with me, I have lots of time on my hands and must think hard to add anything to my “Things to do” list.

1. Breath

2. Eat

3. Drink

4. Sleep

5. Shower and shave

6. Do the laundry and the dishes

7. Find things in the house and yard to do

8. Go for a drive daily

9. When it doesn’t rain, water the plants

10. Stay in touch with family and friends, make a real effort

11. Think happy thoughts

12. Find real purpose in even the most menial of tasks

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Closer To Fine

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