A Family Tradition of Jesters and of Clowns

Blog 2314 – 02.23.2022

A Family Tradition of Jesters and of Clowns

Well, I was the first to arrive for the birthday boys’ dinner and had to wait on our table. I think I was a bit overdressed because everyone was giving me the eye, especially the small fries. Some of the smaller ones were a bit shy at first, but Dee Jay the Clown come out of retirement did not make a single one cry and that is a good night for any happy clown.

Greg was unable to be there so it was Jacob’s night to shine. It was actually his birthday and he was surprised and said he had not had a clown at one of his birthday parties for many years. I did not correct him, that would have been a rude way to treat the birthday boy, I am sure he meant a clown in costume. Our family, the human race, has a long and storied tradition of jesters and clowns, costumed and otherwise, in the family, most of us always on the look out for a new joke or gag to bring a smile, a chuckle, or at least a knowing grin.

One of my favorite motto’s I borrow from Muppet bandleader, Doctor Tooth, who says, “There’s a party all the time for them than choose.” And even you half empty cup folks can still often muster a, “It’s better to laugh than to cry.”

Jesters and clowns are acquainted with sadness and struggle too. It is perhaps the thorns more than the rose pedals that goad us into taking on the mantle of not the prophets but the jesters. Jesters and clowns are after all permitted to speak the truth without being crucified or run out of town on a rail.

Some of my favorite people are the brave comedians, clowns and court jesters who have bravely spoken truth to power as well as to those of us with seeming little of it. The power of laughter is infectious and not in a COVID make you sick or kill you sort of way.

Greg’s sister Michelle texted him the above photo which she took to show him my surprise birthday gift. Lest you think ole Dee Jay is a miser I did give the boys one of my favorite b-day gifts, 1 Troy Ounce Silver Coins. Greg’s because of his half Mexican heritage had a Aztec high priest on one side and the Aztec calendar in the other side. And Jacob’s because of his less colorful heritage had a likeness of the head of the Anglican Church, Queen Elizabeth the second, on one side and a kangaroo on the other. It was an Australian silver coin. My gifts unlike myself were not colorfully packaged, but hey they actually increase in value the longer they are held onto.

Upon receiving Michelle’s texted picture Greg replied to her asking her to ask me if I would be willing to do a “do-over” for him this Saturday. “Sure” I told her. Dee Jay has always loved birthday parties especially those where handsome Greg was the star.

It was said of President Teddy Roosevelt that if he attended a wedding that he had to be the bride. Remind you of another more recent Republican President? Dee Jay is not politically affiliated and never intends to upstage the true stars of birthday parties or elections, the birthday boys and girls and the ones who get the most votes. Perhaps that and the clown horn was a bit much but I do try to honk it and noses infrequently and as quietly as possible. Honk, honk. I am a clown after all.

I did even make a few balloon animals, and two balloon swords. I specialize in the easy ones – bunnies, wiener dogs, and giraffes. I have also taught myself to twist balloon swords as well. The one teen at the gathering, Connor, Michelle and Jacob’s son, did request a balloon hat and Dee Jay had to apologized for his limited balloon making skills.

I hope Jack the birthday boy had a good time. I certainly did. I dedicated the performance to my lovely and loving wife Linda who unfortunately also could not be there. Get well soon, Sweetheart.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

a.k.a. Dee Jay the Clown


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