Never Enough

Blog 2312 – 02.21.2022

Never Enough

Have you ever awakened from a scary dream only to realize that you are still dreaming? Many finding themselves starting to awake from this dreamscape we call reality have tried to look behind the curtain and ascertain The Who, What, Why, and Where of life. My friend, Mike Dooley says that we should always leave the How for the Universe to sort out for us. I think a great many of our problems stem from a misunderstanding of the 4 W’s.

Not knowing who we are it is easy to be confused about what we are doing, why, and where indeed we are. Some have postulated that this time/space continuum is a safe space to act out all the various scenarios that an infinite god could imagine. We are his/her avatars so to speak being beta tested in various situations by our higher power. That sort of covers The Who, What, and Where but, the all important Why is like the spelling of Mickey in the nineteen fifties Mickey Mouse Club song M. I. C. K. E. Y. (Y because we like you) M.O.U.S.E. We are Who we are, What we are, Where and Why we are because we are loved and one life is just never enough nor could it ever be to experience that love.

We have as the high level C.I.A. hit woman, shot in the head and left for dead in the movie, (one of my favorites) The Long Kiss Goodnight, bought into our cover story. We like she are far more than we appear to be. Over a lifetime of experiences we have all been given clues as to our true identity, but found it hard to believe. Could a bird ever really be satisfied forced to walk or an angel for that matter? This world and all that is in it, as the song says, could never be enough. Our bodies, they say, are made of star dust, but we are way more than these limiting and rapidly aging vessels. We are light and unlimited power. As Spider-Man’s uncle advised him, “With great power comes great responsibility.” As we awaken life after life to the sure and certain knowledge of Who and Whose we are, we have a responsibility to Love and of all the wonderful things said about love one of the most accurate is – Love Is Kind. And there is always the need for more kindness in this time/space jungle.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Never Enough

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