Blog 2306 – 02.15.2022


We, most of us, especially men, like to think of ourselves as problem-solvers, fixers as it were. And we are all, I think given a bit to “Magical Thinking” where we actually think there is some magic word or words that if skillfully intoned will always do the trick. Even those three most precious words, “I love you” cannot mend every broken heart, soothe every ache, heal every sickness, nor fix every problem.

Even “talk-therapy” the psychiatrist and psychologist go-to tool in their bag of tricks requires not only the trained listening ear of the doctor, but the willingness of the patient to talk and to be open to examining their thoughts, looking for clues, bread crumbs as it were, that they themselves have placed there to find their own way home whenever they get a bit lost.

If you have read my last several blogs, you know that my beloved wife is in the hospital being evaluated for what appears to be some sort of cognitive lapse. She is acting scared, uncooperative, and confused. And those of us who love her feel completely helpless as even the doctors and nurses struggle to find the root cause of her problems and help her.

I am and have always tended to be an optimistic person and for whatever beliefs I have discarded because they no longer serve me, I still believe in happy endings. Working on my seventy-second year I have experienced my share of dark trying nights and cloudy days when it seemed like the sun would never shine again, but it did. I have learned not to look outside so much for help and encouragement but within. Jesus once told a group of religious pretenders that the kingdom of heaven is within you. That being so, the answers to all our questions, the help, the healing and the fixes to all our problems are all there inside us too.

Granted we have all at times needed a little help finding the right place to look for answers or to understand fully the answers when we do find them, but it seems we often have to come to a place where we feel completely helpless and powerless before we can find our true help, our true power.

I hope my Linda finds hers soon. I am pulling for her and all the doctors and nurses are too, along with all her family and friends. As isolated and alone as all of us might feel at one time or another, and as surely Linda feels just now, we are not, for we are in this together, sink or swim. And we will, I believe, no matter the stress, the strain, the weight, the pain, of life, rise to the top.

Amen, so be it, and it is so.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Top Of The World

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