Blog 2302 – 02.10.2022


In four days many people will celebrate one of my favorite holidays, Valentine’s Day by giving candy, cards, and flowers to their sweethearts.

Sweethearts come in all shapes, sizes, ages and relationships. Granted many people think the day is one to honor our most special sweetheart and I get that, but there are many other sweethearts that could use a small reminder too that they as well have a special place in our hearts.

A couple of days ago I re-watched one of my favorite movies, two thousand fifteen’s About Time. In the movie, just after his twenty first birthday a young man learns from his father that the men in his family all share a genetic gift that allows them to travel back in time, but only during their own lifetimes. On these journeys they can changes things to hopefully make them better. It is an interesting and entertaining situation comedy. I highly recommend it.

The dad warns his son about using his gift to make himself rich by saying that he had never yet met a rich person who was happy and the young man says that first of all he will use his gift to help him win a girlfriend. Later after he has found her and married her and just before his dad passes the dad shares with his son the greatest lesson that he has learned about traveling back through time. He advises his son to live each day of his life twice, once just letting it happen and the second time playing attention to the details and watching for opportunities to make the lives of others and his own sweeter.

At the end of the movie the time traveling heir say he no longer even has to travel back through time, but that he lives each day as if were his last chance to get it right. Let us all get this day and this Valentine’s Day right by doing right by all the sweethearts in our lives especially our own and living this day so there is no need for a do-over.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White



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