What Tomorrow Has In Store

Blog 2298 -02.06.2022

What Tomorrow Has In Store

We have been told most of us, all our lives, that only God knows the future. As a boy in church we used to sing:

“I don‘t know about tomorrow

I just live from day to day

I don’t borrow from it’s sunshine

For it’s skies may turn to grey.”

But I no longer think that is completely true. Over the years I have come to think of God as our highest best self, our loving and infinite source, the Universe. And the Universe like the creator of Oz, Frank L. Baum, has given us clues to our own future and indeed a bright yellow brick road to follow.

The Great and Powerful Oz, if you know the story, turned out to be a little man behind the curtain with a bag of tricks. And our story is more similar to Dorothy’s story than we might think. Her adventures in Oz, her dream, grew out of her thoughts, words, and deeds in Kansas. Her prime directive in Oz, to borrow a Star Trek term, was to find her way home to heaven. In dusty black and white Kansas in the beginning of the movie Dorothy Gale sang of a land that she dreamed of Over The Rainbow, but rainbows have two sides. And Dorothy’s true heaven turned out to be home, a dust colored Kansas farm with her Auntie Em, her uncle Henry and the three hired hands that were her world. There was also Almira Gulch, not Elvira, mistress of the night, with big boobs, but and even more wicked B with always the worst intentions for Dorothy and her little dog Toto. And there was too a kindly traveling conman she had met just before riding off on a twister to Oz, who had wisely pointed a runaway Dorothy home to those who loved her.

From that cast, not of thousands, but a few, Dorothy dreamed up the adventure of a lifetime, that played out over just a few days in the merry old land of Oz, and one fevered night in Kansas. I believe we can indeed know the future as easily as we can know our own mind. Just like Dorothy in the story we create our own dreams, our own story, by the thoughts we choose to dwell on and imbue with emotion and expectation. What comes to us always is what we think. My friend Mike Dooley, author of many books including Notes From The Universe, says: “Thoughts become things. Choose the good ones.” I believe he is correct.

Our tomorrows grow out of our thoughts and words today. To predict the future or even change it we need only look into our own thinking today and if we want to change the future, change our minds. The old saw goes, “They who forget the past are doomed to repeat it” but I think dwelling on the past is what insures that we will indeed repeat it over and over again. The only sure way to change the future is to change our minds.

Though we have all, I think, discovered, that it is an all but impossible feat to change someone else’s mind changing our own is as easy as entertaining just a slightly different view. Try it. Instead of thinking the same old thoughts about how terrible Monday’s are, think of Monday and everyday as Fun Day. And you won’t be surprised to realize it is indeed and could have been always, for as a person thinks in their own heart they are and so is all the world around us.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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