Like A Mockingbird

Blog 2289 – 01.27.2022

Like A Mockingbird

The title of Harper Lee’s famous book, To Kill A Mockingbird, comes from a story that lawyer Atticus Finch shares with his son when he asks how old he was when his daddy let him have his first gun. Atticus says he was a couple of years older than Jem and that his dad told him to only shoot at cans, but that he knew that sooner or later the temptation to shoot at birds would get the best of him and when it did to remember to shoot only at jays for they are a nuisance and to never shoot at a mockingbird for to kill a mockingbird would be a sin as all they ever do is sing their hearts out for us.

Seven states in these fifty United States have the northern mockingbird for their state birth including my birth state of Tennessee and my long time home state of Texas. I have lived most of this life with mockingbirds and other song birds awakening me each new day.

One of the many miracles of daybreak is all the winged little angels celebrating the sunrise with us. I have in my life made many songs my own, memorizing the words and melodies, and have, at this writing, over two hundred and fifty recorded karaoke style cover songs that I call my Mockingbird Song List.

I consider myself a Mockingbird of sorts. In this polarized and divisive time any opinion expressed is inviting opposition and making one’s self a target if not for bullets at least for the stings and arrows of outraged people who may hold strong opposing opinions. Most of what we all consider “our truth” is really just beliefs based on at best sketchy anecdotal evidence if any.

I think we need to all learn to discard beliefs that no longer serve us and that failing to do so is the definition of insanity, “repeating the same things over and over expecting a different result.” When something no longer works for us, it is time to change our tune and try a new song.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Mockingbird Dave

Like A Mockingbird

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