Happy New Year

Blog 2264 – 01.01.2022

Happy New Year

New beginnings are on the minds of many this morning, but so many still think someone else controls their life. This is only so if we allow it to be so. Our destinies are shaped by our own thoughts and actions to a far larger degree that those of others.

Dale Carnegie, famous author of among others self-help books, the classic How To Win Friends And Influence People, wrote that our life and the lives of others are changed for the better when we just change our thinking. Key to making this happen is discarding beliefs that no longer serve us. Time was when little if any consideration was given to the wants of others or even ourselves. No matter how poor or strapped for time we may think ourselves we always have time and money enough to do what we really want to. Figuring out what we truly want and what others want are key not only to winning friends and influencing people, but of truly having and enjoying each moment throughout each New Year.

And that is exactly what I wish for myself and everyone. Here’s to making 2022 the best year yet. Will there be challenges, obstacles to overcome? Of course there will be. As Celine Dion sings in Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast: “We have to know some bad times or our lives are incomplete.” But we should never major on what we don’t want but rather on what we do want. May the words of our mouths and the meditations of our own hearts be acceptable in our own sight.

May the next three hundred and sixty five days bring you everything your heart desires and may you and I recognize that all our tomorrows are but echoes of those dreams and desires that we dwell upon today.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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