The Fifth Element

Blog 2240 – 12.07.2021

The Fifth Element

The four basic elements from antiquity are earth, water, wind, and fire, symbolized above. The theme of a nineteen nineties Bruce Willis science fiction movie was that a fifth element was required to save this planet. In the movie the fifth element was divine, a goddess. I am reminded of a line from a James Brown song, “This is a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl.”

Ladies, we men have indeed made a mess of things and would have destroyed ourselves and all the world countless time over, but for your influence on us. I for one am encouraged to see so many of you taking a greater role in politics and all the areas of life that like Golf, “Guys Only No Females” were once thought to be only for men.

Had there ever really been a battle of the sexes women would have won hands down for far from being the weaker sex you ladies have always been the real strength behind any man who every did anything worth while. One of our wisest and best Presidents, Abraham Lincoln said, “All I am I owe to my sainted mother.” My mother was not a saint and like most of us was in many ways a mess, but she loved me, and if I ever accomplish anything of note, the credit should in large part go to her love, to my loving and lovely wife Linda, and to all the women have taught me to use the intuitive side of my brain and not just blindly rely on reason. The prevailing rationale is not always right nor is the left or lighter touch always wrong.

Today’s cover song about the importance of fathers being good to their daughters also includes the line:

The fifth element and most important element is Love. The Bible is not the only book, sixty six actually if you count the more accepted cannon, that says “God is Love” or conversely but equally true, “Love is God.” And only young inexperienced souls actually believe that God is male and not equally female. In a book that I highly recommend that everyone read and watch the move as well, The Shack, the by far most active part of the Trinity is portrayed by a woman called Sarayu, said to mean The Wind.

One of the many verses of another of my favorite songs, Hallelujah, goes:

Check out the other five verses as well, but this one makes a special point of mentioning the importance of she in the god-head, the fifth element. Only a foolish man could imagine a world without Love and what a horrific forever war torn world that would be, a world where the four element, earth, water, wind and fire would never be enough.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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