Normal Is Overrated, Being You Is Everything

Blog 2238 – 12.05.2021

Normal Is Overrated, Being You Is Everything

In this life we are, I believe, intended to display a unique and special perspective revealing to ourselves and all just Who and Whose we are. In this very large family no two, even identical twins, are exactly the same. We all have different gifts, but we are more than our gifts.

Yesterday, I saw the new Disney animated movie Encanto and it was another wonderful example of what Disney has long done best, the telling of tales in words and pictures that touch the heart.

In a three generation magical family where every child, grandchild, and great grandchild born into the family receives a special magical gift to help the family, one little bespectacled girl seems to get passed over. I will not spoil the movie for you by saying too much, only this, we are more than our gifts or lack of them, we are each one of us, Holy and Whole, and a perfect representation of the divine pattern.

Trying to be “normal” or thinking ourselves “less than” or “unworthy” is not only foolish but it is an exhausting and frustrating way to try to live. How much happier we and those who truly love us are when we own our differences and live the unique and wonderful roles we were born to play.

A line from one of my favorite Christmas movies, The Family Stone, comes to mind. One of three sons, the middle one, who is considered by most the black sheep of the family advises his older brother finance who is quite upset because she does not seem to fit into the family. In a moment of clarity and uncanny wisdom he tells her: “Like all of us, you have a freak flag. You’re just not flying yours.”

A phrase we need to say to ourselves as much as we need to hear it from those we love is: “I see you…” The rest is understood, we are more than our gifts, our seeming limitations, our shiniest successes, our darkest defeats. We are meant to be so many things and are, but normal is not one of them. Being who we are is always more than enough. It is everything.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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