Looking For Somebody To Love

Blog 2219 – 11.15.2021

Looking For Somebody To Love

In just a week my personal favorite November holiday will roll around, for the seventy-first time next Monday, November 22, I will celebrate the anniversary my birthday. Forgetting is not always a curse. I am convinced that we could not enjoy fully our current adventure if our minds were full of our past life experiences. It is I think the price of admission into each new life, the surrendering of our memories of each past life. But, as much as I believe that eternal life is not a pie-in-the sky one time eternal destination but a world, a galaxy, a cosmos universal tour or many tours, many lifetimes, from as many points of view, I believe our recollections of each are kept secure for us in a divine treasure house and that one day we will be given the keys to that treasure house.

As a boy of five my favorite morning TV show was Captain Kangaroo and every morning the first thing that the Captain always did was take out his large key ring from one of the many pockets on his coat and open the door to his home to all us kids, his treasure house. Somewhere along each journey we begin to remember why we are here – to find somebody to love our own personal treasure house, our home.

For some years I rebelled against the notion expressed in many romance novels and movies of soul-mates. It seemed to me a rather silly idea, a connived and rather convenient way of making the one we are currently with into some kind of Holy Grail, the one we were always looking for and could not live without.

In one of my favorite movies, What Dreams May Come, the picture of what soul mates are is painted in vivid color. My loving and lovely wife Linda, who also loves that movie has ask me more than once if I would go to hell for her. Several other wives before her in so many words just ask me to go to hell. I no longer believe in hell or heaven in the tradition sense. I believe all these many lives that we get to live forever provide us glimpses of both heaven and hell and that we get to experience life in all it’s fullness as we search for our special someone to love.

Only when we have found him or her does our happily ever after truly begin again. Some of you may be thinking as I once, probably knowing me several times in several lifetimes, did that these are but romantic and fanciful notions of princesses and princes looking for their counterparts. But, think about it logically for a moment, every lock has it’s key and every key it’s lock, and every sock it’s mate. At the risk of being a bit punny, I say as they did on TV’s Laugh In over fifty years ago, “Sock it to me.”

Archimedes was so thrilled with his discovery that he yelled, “Eureka! Eureka!” (I Have Found It! I Have Found It!) In the Song of Songs the lover says, “I have found the one my soul loves.” Solomon 3:4

Has your happily ever after began for you yet this time? Have you found your soul mate? Look into the mirror, keep practicing loving that one, till your prince or princess shows up. They are looking for you as intently and intensely as you are looking for them. Happy Hunting, I have found mine and am headed home to her soon.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White



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