“You Are Allowed To Be Happy. You Know That Don’t You?”

Blog 2212 – 11.07.2021

“You Are Allowed To Be Happy. You Know That Don’t You.”

Yesterday, I saw a very interesting recently produced movie and no it was not The Eternals, though I did see that one too. But the movie I am referring too and that the title for today’s blog comes from is “Carrie Philby.” The line is what her therapist says to her near the end of the movie after she has completed a short list of things that he suggested she complete before the end of the year to help her find her “happy place.”

Carrie is a young genius, that reminds me a bit of a female version of The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon, but without friends, an impressive job, and not living in sunny southern California but rainy and cold old New York, New York. It is for the most part a dark comedy I suppose.

I do not have a photographic memory like Carrie’s, but if you are wondering about the list, here it is.

Make a friend.

Go on a date.

Spend New Years Eve with someone.

Do something you loved doing as a child, but have not done in a long time.

Get a pet.

Those are the one’s I remember. Carrie tells him it is a stupid list and doing those silly things will not make her happy. Her therapist, a good friend of her deceased mother and living, but estranged father, says to Carrie, “Prove me wrong, prove that I do not know my business.” She does admit to him later that drinking cherry soda again as she did as a child did make her smile.

If you are not happy I suggest you try Carrie’s list. It worked for her and it might work for you. Watch the whole movie and see if you are not encouraged to try a different track toward a happier life.

My beloved brother once wrote something to me in a brief note that struck me and stuck with me. He is not the wordy guy that I am, but he waxed rather poetic and profound I thought. He said, “All I ever wanted for you was that you be happy.” I remember thinking, “From your lips to God’s ears” but really such inspired words were more likely from God’s lips to his.

Don’t believe in a benevolent higher power? Me either in my saner more sensible moments, but I do believe in something even non-believers can believe in. I believe in love and like Carrie’s therapist, I believe everyone of us has a right to be happy or at least to pursue happiness.

Get started on that list. It will be New Years before you know it. The list if nothing else will help take your mind off the holidays. Contrary to all the Hallmark and other Thanksgiving and Christmas movies many of us instead of counting our blessings, count our losses during the holidays and have a tough time remembering those no longer here to celebrate those special days with us. But they would want us to be happy, we should know that and take whatever steps we can to make it so.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Don’t Worry, Be Happy

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