Let Love Be The Only Debt We Owe – Give Thanks

Blog 2210 – 11.05.2021

Let Love Be The Only Debt We Owe – Give Thanks

It is said the most sure way to ruin a friendship is for one of the friends to lend money to the other. A debt between friends can strain any relationship beyond repair. Some years ago I began in earnest a plan to get out of debt and save some money for retirement. About the same time I decided that if I could not afford to give money to a friend who asked that I certainly could not afford to lend it to them. A Bible phrase that comes to mind is: “Give expecting nothing in return.”

Some years ago I saw a movie, called Pay It Forward where a teacher who was trying to teaching children how to think, not what to think, every true teacher’s job, gave his class an assignment to come up with a practical idea to really change the world. One young man, played by Haley Joel Osment came up with a very surprising one that he called Pay It Forward. It was a simple plan, find a way to help three people not expecting them to pay you back, but asking them to pay the favor forward to three others. The young man got an award for the assignment even though he thought his grand experiment had failed. It had not entirely and had affected the lives of many people as far away from his Las Vegas home as Los Angeles. A reporter from there came to interview him.

Like in the Jesus story this young man’s big idea was threatening and cost him his life in the end. There is a candle light vigil for the young slain idealist at the end of the movie where many that his idea had touched came to pay their respects. As the light from hundreds of candles lights up the night sky the song Calling All Angels can be heard in the background.

The proverb says, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.” Getting rich off the misfortunes of others impoverishes us all. Elsewhere in the Book of Books it is also written, “Owe no man (anyone) anything but to love another.”

Some years ago singer/actor/comedian, Danny Thomas, made a promise to God that if he was blessed with a successful career that he would do something big to pay it forward. After Danny’s career took off he started a hospital for children with dread diseases in Tennessee where parents could take their children for treatment that would not cost them a dime. Perhaps you have heard of it, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. There are many charities that use donations to pay the celebrities that promote them and where only a few pennies of every dollar given actually go to the cause for which they were given. Thankfully St. Judes is not one of them:

In 2008, the lovely, talented, and giving Jennifer Anniston began giving her voice along with a host of other celebrities to help raise funds for St. Jude’s and the children it helps. The promos usually begin this time of year with the signature line: “Give Thanks.”

If someone has every helped you and refused your attempt to pay them back, pay it forward. Give expecting nothing in return and the Universe, your loving and infinite source, will move heaven and earth. Calling all angels to give, thanks.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Angels Among Us

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