All We Need Is Love

Blog 2192 – 10.18.2021

All We Need Is Love

One of lying ego’s biggest prevarications is that, “Love is not enough” when the opposite is true. Like the Beatle song says – “All we need is love, love, love. Love is all we need.” My Australian poet friend, Paul Vincent Cannon, posted a poem this morning called Love’s Repair in which he says that even the scars of life are none of them beyond love’s repair.

It is just like our arch and only true enemy, ego, to attempt to keep us from that which would always reveal to us that we are indeed holy and whole no matter the appearances, no matter the losses, no matter the scars.

Some years ago the lovely and talented Karen Carpenter and her brother Richard took the nation and indeed the world by storm with their hauntingly beautiful love songs. My cover of perhaps one of the lesser known songs follows. The psychologists postulate that there is a hierarchy of needs – water, food, shelter being near the top of that list. And indeed the body to stay corporate does require certain things, but we are more than the body and what we need most of all is to realize fully and completely just Who and Whose we are and that we are ever and always right smack in the middle of love.

You friend and fellow traveler,

David White

I Know I Need To Be In Love

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