Famous Last Words

Blog 2188 – 10.14.2021

Famous Last Words

I read a little piece yesterday that gave examples of famous last words that we are pretty sure were not really the last words famous people said. I have seen several movies and TV show that had death scenes where the person dying said, “Just write that I said something important in the end” or words to that effect.

None of us knows which words will be our last and for that reason among others I try to keep the encouraging words flowing. Even a Word Press algorithm has picked up that I have a 638 day consecutive streak going, but according to my count it should be over 2100. And that is only because the first couple of months that I posted this blog I only wrote Monday through Friday thinking I would take Saturdays and Sundays off. But, soon I realized that we need encouraging words everyday.

Do I always hit the mark? Well, does anyone? But we keep pressing on to the high calling. I have learned not to dwell a lot on “last words.” I figure if there is a memorial service to mark my graduation from this life someday, hopefully still some years out, that someone else will get to say the last words on the short subject of David James White, James and Alene’s boy. Whoever draws that short straw and gets that assignment will probably pick something I said or wrote for my last words. Good luck with that. Till next time I will continue trying to give them lots of words to pick from.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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