Dreams Come True If Pursued

Dreams Come True If Pursued

Blog 2153 – 09.07.2021

Walt Disney made so many of his dreams come true and the business he built continues to do that today. I had seen the preview to the new Cinderella movie in a movie theater the first time several weeks ago and mistakenly thought it was a Disney movie and that I would have to wait to see it because I do not have the Disney streaming service. But, when I looked at what was playing on Amazon Prime, which I do have, I was pleasantly surprised to see it was an Amazon and Sony production and was just a click away.

The movie might challenge some with it’s retelling of the classic tale in a much more girl empowering way and the gay black fairy godmother might be a bit much for homophobes and narrow religious folk, but I thought he was wonderful as was Ella’s answer when asked by the prince’s sister as she was about to introduce to the people, “What do we call you?” Ella said not “his bride to be” but “his love.” Ella had sung a great song early in the musical about her dream of being such a well-known and successful dress maker that everyone would know her name. She did not trade her dream away for security or station. But in this happily ever after story got to have all three – her dream, her dresses, and her prince. No longer known as Cinderella but known for her Dresses By Ella dream come true.

I don’t want to spoil the plot for you, so I will not, but just say this. I saw a young man driving a pick-up truck yesterday with a large decal in he rear window that read “Locally Hated.” I guess he thought of himself as a “bad boy” something many of us mommy’s boys try on for size in our teens and some of us never completely out grow. The prince in the movie was trying to act like a bad boy and was locally hated for it, but fortunately he found the girl of his dreams and was willing to pursue that dream and do his part to make both his and Ella’s Dreams come true.

Like another story made popular by Disney, it is a tale as old as time, but thanks to Amazon and Sony it has been reimagined with a new and I think improved twist. Girls and boys, it is up to us to dream bigger, brighter, and better dreams. I believe that all mothers not just Jewish moms believe that each new child born has the possibility of making this a better word. “From God’s mouth to our ears.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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