Love and Light Always Win in the End

Blog 2145 – 08.30.2021

Love and Light Always Win in the End

Sometimes when we are deep in this dream that might seem more a nightmare and a fearful wraith is breathing down our neck or howling at our door we might forget what we know instinctively- that light and love always win as day follows night. The order of our words is often more critically important that we think. Even the often used expression “Day and Night” is really backwards thinking. The original order of those three words comes from an old old story handed down by word of mouth for many generations before finally being written down “And the evening and the morning were the first day.” The Jewish folks still teach their children that night comes before day – the bright blessed day following the dark sacred night.

I recall so well once upon a time experiencing a very dark night of the soul when I knew that the one I had chosen to love above all others was not going to return that love and I just felt so alone and lost. But as the Jewish expression goes “From God’s mouth to your ear,” I heard in my mind a line from an old Beach Boys song and took heart. The Angel of Hope sang to me: “Don’t worry, Baby, everything will turn out alright.” And it has, and it always does, as soon as we let it. I have that from the highest source and seventy plus years of experience in just this one lifetime have born that out as I am sure if I could recall them all, countless other lives would as well.

There you have it, the encouraging word for today – light and love always win out over darkness and fear, day and night, as Cole Porter wrote and Frank sang and many others have so wonderfully.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Night and Day

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