Beyond Logic, Intuitive Understanding

Blog 2143 – 08.28.2021

Beyond Logic, Intuitive Understanding

There are a lot of arguments these days over what are the true facts or negatively what is “false news.” Conspiracy theories abound. Some years ago the Fox Network had a very popular TV series called The X Files that was all about government conspiracies aimed at withholding the truth from us average Joe’s and Jane’s. The slogan for the X-Files was: “The Truth Is Out There.”

I submit that rather than being “out there” that the truth is inside each of us where each one of us has a reliable lie detector if we will but learn to use it and trust it. It has been described as “the still small voice.” We have only to learn to listen carefully to know when we are being conned or lied to. Daily, for some time I have been getting several texts offering me free gifts, refunds, large amounts of money, and also threats from everyone from the FBI to Social Security that I am in big trouble if I do not reply right away. These are all scams aimed at getting something from me, an account number or some personal information that can be used to get money from one of my accounts. I am so tempted to reply to one of those “final notices” about cash offers about to expire” how happy I am to get that last notice, but it is not the last I will hear from them anymore than the extended warranty renewal folks will ever really leave me alone. But they say any response to unwanted offers is dangerous and only eggs them on. Still I so want to type, “Why don’t you just get a job and quit trying to steal other people’s money?”

Lies and false advertising and misinformation is everywhere. Half the country believes the last Presidential election was stollen and there is no real evidence of that being true. Also most of those same people believe that Covid-19 is not a real threat to them or their children though over six hundred thousand Americans have already died from it and we are told another hundred thousand will die this year unnecessarily because they refuse to be vaccinated. (The losses of lives to Covid world wide are staggering and those who have survived are begging for vaccines that Americans by the thousands are still refusing to take.) We have all but eradicated smallpox, polio, mumps, measles, and several other killer diseases in my lifetime with vaccines and yet many many people have been persuaded to believe that vaccines are the killers and that the diseases are only myths.

Don’t just use your head, trust your gut, or listen to your heart, be still and listen to the still small voice, or put another way listen for the ring of truth in what you hear. The old con man phrase is “If I’m lying I’m dying.” But more often it is those who believe the lies of con men and women who do the dying.

If you do not love yourself enough to be vaccinated as a precaution think of those who love you, are depending on you, and are following your example – your children and grandchildren. No one wants carved on their tombstone, “He or she died for believing a lie.” Worse than dying for nothing is to die way ahead of time because you refused to believe the truth and act on it. Argue with that still small voice all you want it will not change the truth.

A friend will never stop trying to call “Bullshit” on things that really matter. Beliefs that no longer serve us are just so much B.S. that it is high time we let go of them. Believing in Bullshit will not set you free and it might very well kill you.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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