What Dreams May Come

Blog 2145 – 08.10.2021

What Dreams May Come

My wife and I grew up in neighboring southern states and in the same narrow fundamentalist religious sect. My mother did not get serious about religion till I was almost ten when her younger brother tragically drown. That event more than any other changed the trajectory of my mother’s family, her dad and stepmom, and her other siblings all started attending church after my Uncle Richard died. Paw Paw and Lily attended a Baptist church and we (Mom, my brother, and I, Dad only went once – that was enough for him to see that church was not for him) attended an even narrower little church that my mom had gone to a few times as a teen with her supervisor at the dime store she worked at back then.

My Linda Lee first started going to that same brand of church in South Carolina as a baby and so was indoctrinated early with their list of “No, No’s” which basically were that anything other that work, prayer, eating, sleeping, and going to church was a “No, No” – no dancing, no drinking, no smoking, no partying, no TV, and no movies, no anything that was a distraction from church.” The church wanted no outside influences pulling people away from their control. It was not quite as isolated and strict as the Amish community, but just as backward and constricting in its own way.

I said all that to explain why my wife till only the last few years has allowed herself to enjoy going to the movies or even watching them on TV.

The Jesuit priests use to say, “Give me a child till he or she is ten and I will make them a Catholic for life.” That is true of most religions and the real meaning behind the Proverb:

Parents are told if they train their children properly they will behave properly, but the verse really means that they will never be able to fully forget what they are taught. How some of us wish we could forget, but we can choose to learn another way to think and live than we were taught as children.

Till I was ten, mother took my brother and I to the movies as she had gone all her life, and television has always been my window on the wider world, but even ten years did not vaccinate me from the virus of organized religion. I was sick with it from about ten till in my late thirties with several relapses even after freeing myself from that narrow little box we called “the church.”

A favorite movie of my wife and I is the wonderful love story What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams and Annabella Sciorra. My wife has often asked me the question, “If I was in hell would you come and get me?” I for more than the thirty two years that we have been married today have no longer believed in the hell I was taught as a child. My wife knows that. But I do believe that we can as the lady in the movie get trapped in a wrong thinking loop that is hellish and isolates us from any help we might see. And but for someone penetrating that deception from outside we might forever be trapped. The Universe is always sending situations and angels to awaken us from our nightmares so that sweet dreams may come to replace those evil ones.

Yes, my brave Angel, I would brave the fires of hell and being trapped there myself to save you as I know you would and have me. We have each other’s backs and best interests always in mind. It is thirty-two years today since we vowed to walk side by side through this world of dreams with open hearts, minds, arms, hands, mouths, ears, and eyes – open to what dreams might come.

Linda Lee, you are my dream come true.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

And LL’s husband and dare I say it – soul-mate,

David White


Endless Love

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