“See You Later Alligator…”

Blog 2138 – 08.03.2021

“See You Later, Alligator…

“In A While, Crocodile” was the sign and co-sign “see-you-later”of both my loving and lovely wife’s and my childhoods. This morning Linda is planning to drive back to our home in Houston, Texas. After over a month away from her on this my last away work assignment it has been so good to have her with me for a few days. I learned yesterday that my stay here in Nebraska may be extended as the plan is now, the client budget allowing, to add some more gas main and services to the already planned project in Wayne, Nebraska. So I may not be released by my birthday in late November as I hoped, but may be required to stay at it perhaps a few days or weeks more. As the song says, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” But I can live with that for I have learned to accept all that my loving and infinite source, the Universe, sends my way.

I have known some pretty sad good-byes in my life. Have not all of us who have lived more than a few years? But parting is only for a season or in this case a season and a half. The rest of this summer and most likely most if not all of this fall and I will be headed back to Houston. My plan is still to take a detour to South Carolina on my way back and drop off our camper trailer at the Stokes Farm outside Bishopville.

Linda and I were just talking Sunday about how nice it would be to see things like the New England maple tree harvesting of sap to produce maple syrup and the cranberry harvest. We had a weekend one early spring when our son Jon was a boy driving through all of New England, but there was way more to see than one weekend would allow and we would so enjoy taking our time in that wonderful autumn wonderland to see as much of it as possible before the campgrounds close for the winters as most if not all of them do in the far north country.

Linda has enjoyed her stay in Nebraska and may or may not make it back up for my birthday, but I am so glad and grateful that we got to spend hers here together. In just a few hours it will be time to say our “See you later alligators and in while crocodiles” yet one more time. The tears at sad farewells will be eclipsed by the warm thoughts of a time in the not too distant future when there will be no more parting. It is highly unlikely that she and I will, as in the somewhat contrived movie ending of The Notebook, leave this life on the “buddy plan” but one of us more likely be left behind to follow later. That is the saddest parting lovers ever have to face. But however long that last parting may last, that time too shall melt into nothingness with the sweet reunion to follow.

I confess I have come to think that the movie What Dreams May Come paints a more correct picture of Heaven as not a static final destination but more of a brief resting place to collect our thoughts, process our previous adventures, and plan additional ones where we can find ourselves and our loved ones over and over again…”In while crocodile.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White



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